Brief biography

Phil’s first band, Sticky George, lived over a chip shop in Aigburth Road in Liverpool, while bits of it went to the Art College. They were given their first opportunities by the Everyman Theatre and by the Liverpool poets Adrian Henri and Roger McGough. Eventually Phil and violinist Stuart Gordon peeled off to form The Shortwaveband, working with a diverse collection of other artists including the Scaffold and Diana Rigg. They also became one-half to two-thirds of The Korgis – some people remember ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’. The band split while making their third album. Phil, still sometimes with Stuart, then spent some years doing songwriting, sessions and production for TV and for an unlikely combination of other artists ranging from Peter Hammill and Jake Burns to Johnny Logan and Barbara Dickson. He joined several other bands; bouncing around with Jake Burns’ new outfit and being sensitive with young singer-songwriters. After watching too much talent getting wasted, Phil got fed up with ‘business’ of the music business and packed it in to pursue another enthusiasm, linguistics. After a 15 year sabbatical from music, which involved acquiring a doctorate and teaching in the USA and Cyprus, he picked up the threads again and moved to Crete in Greece.

He is now involved with many cultural activities on the island, as 50%  of Kalamitsi Arts Group (the other 50 is his wife, Francesca), and as a musician enjoying the opportunity to co-operate and develop with other musicians without any commercial constraints. He also runs a small recording studio.

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